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Feel like committing suicide

I love her so much. I know if she gave me another chance things would go back to how they were but she is choosing not to.

Drug addicted bestfriend?

His father died. He went through a lot of grief and trauma and ended up being a drug addict. Is there any dua that might help him?

Evil inside family and related

After two days spending at their house my cousin curse me that I could go to jail…

Interpretation of dream

Can you please tell me what it indicates?

Husband blames me for mother’s passing

I tried desperately to be there for him but instead he told me to get lost and said it was all my fault, I was to blame for her passing and he would never forgive me nor would he compromise for me or our son.


My father had no will nor instructed me to distribute it in a certain way…

Please pray for me…

At times my patience and faith dwindle alot and I cry but my husband doesn’t care and he says he will never believe me about my relationship with my mother and to not expect more from him now.

My step-mother’s behaviour toward me!

She knows very well about islam, she knows the rights of husband, kids, humans but she do not practice it…

Feeling always depressed and helpless

When I was 9 year old my father died. After that I am become helpless and depressed. I hate my life. I think Allah hate me and not love me.

I feel guilty following my mother’s death

In my opinion I am very bad son, I did not take good care of my mother, but now she is gone… Sometimes I feel that my soul is not there, that is was gone at that day when my mother died.