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Aslamualekum, Dear sir, I want some help from you. Actually my mother left this world before 2 months as she was ill. Before some days i saw her in my dream hugging me but i saw some black spot on her forehead. Can you please tell me that what it indicates. Is it that my mother has to give money to somebody to whom she owe. Dear sir please help in this case as what it indicates. Thanks Please do reply.

Momin ashraf

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  1. as-salaam-u-alaykum,

    you're on the wrong platform. You should be contacting someone who specialises in the field of interpreting dreams. If you visit your local mosque they should be able to direct you *Insha' Allah*.


  2. Walaikumassalaam, Yes, it could mean that as some interpretations from Ibn Sirin indicate that if one sees his forehead turning black in the dream, it means disdaining from paying one's due alms tax or the forehead in a dream represents the honor, standing and dignity of the person. If it is seen blemished or fractured in the dream, it means humiliation or loss of authority

    Your first step would to be enquire if your mother owes somebody any money and if she does owe somebody money, then you could get a subsequent dream and you could relate that dream to us here.

    Peace be on you.

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