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Should I stop my daughter to be around my Ex’s ex wife?

What rights does the father have over our daughter having her around this lady? Am I wrong if I don’t consider this lady as my sister in Islam due to her wanting the father of my child to leave his parental duties to be with her and their son just because I am in the picture?

Marriage without witnesses, regret & will I be forgiven and get married?

I am confused & regretful. I’m seeking for God’s forgiveness. What shall I do to prove my regret & ask forgiveness? Will I be forgiven? Will I be able to get married in real? Please help me in finding the answers.

Just found out my husband has been looking at pornagraphy our whole marriage; what should I do?

What should I do? I have never been faced with such a problem. I’m not bad looking at all, have a good figure, keep myself and his home good, contribute quite a lot of my own money to the marriage. What I’m saying is, I can’t understand what his problem is? What more does he want?

Remarrying but no divorce papers from previous marriage

She wants to remarry now but ex husband won’t produce taliq papers. He has married again after divorcing my friend, and divorced his second wife and now he married 3rd time.

I want to get an Islamic Kula/divorce so I can move on and re-marry

would like a divorce, as my biological clock is ticking, and this is not a good thing staying married Islamically with no communication nor relation. Also in future, I would like to get married Inshallah. How can I do this?

Proposed by a Buddhist guy who is ready to convert and accept me and my daughter from my previous marriage. What should I do?

Now, the situation is that this guy says he will accept my daughter too and he is learning about Islam too. He says; he will convert his religion but not his name because of the document issues. I don’t know he is loyal or not but he says that he won’t hurt my feelings.

My husband hates my daughter from a previous relationship; what do I do?

My husband doesn’t get on with my daughter (from a previous relationship) who is 9. When I first met my husband, he was kind, considerate and a ‘real gentleman’ however, my daughter (then 7) he will always find a way to argue and send her to her room.

My husband wants to divorce me and I do not know what to do?

ove him so much, and inshaallah I want to spend rest of my life with him. We do not have children so the decision might be taken too easily compared to other parenting couples.

We committed adultery; Now, can I marry her after she is divorced?

Now, I get a feeling that I should marry her. So, can I marry her or not? Can I marry her if she has been divorced? or what should I do if she has not been divorced?

We divorced in anger two years ago, can we remarry now?

What must we both do now in order to remarry again? I am really stressed and just want my family back.Please help.