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Hopeless and frustrated with life, I want to be happy

After so much of pain i think i deserve some happiness.I am working hard for my job.give interviews but i dont get any reply from their side.I want to live a nice life which is good for both duniya and aakhrat.I do sabr but sometime get so depressed and get hopeless.Its effecting my health also.

I realy want divorce because I can’t live with him but mother won’t agree

when i came back from pakistan i tried to tell my mum about these problems but she didnt even listen to everything i had to tell her and didnt take seriously what i told her as for them emotional abuse is nothing even though my mum has been through all this and so much more herself.

Is my step brother my mahram or not?

fter my marriage my husband divorced me due to that reason that why you talk to your brother. he said your brother is not your mahram. my question is, is my brother is my mahram or not? as we have same mother & if he is my mahram ymy husband give me that punishment?

23 years with cheating husband who passed me STD, should I stay or divorce him?

I recently found out I have a STD from him that is no joke. After finding this out I also found out he had been seeing another women for 2 years. I can’t take the pain of this life anymore, living my life like this. I fought with him and kicked him out but only to come back. He is sleeping in a different room now but what I want to know do I stay patient or do I have rights to end this marriage. I work and support myself with no help from him at all.

Interfering and bad mouthing in-laws; I am getting divorced.

My husband and I are now getting divorced has he cannot put me and his children first because his family mean more to him than we do. I am so upset by all this, I’m heartbroken and feel so upset for my children. When I married I wanted it to be for life.

I hate my husband, I married him to please my parents

I am married for 2 years I hate my husband ,I use to disobey him ,sometimes I even use 2 pray for him to die.I married him because I don’t want to disobey my parents. There is someone I am so much in love with since I was young I use to think of him day and night .please help me out I don’t know what to do.

Premarital sex, blackmail, marriage and relationships; it’s complicated.

Also..I wanna know,If I had premarital sex with a guy and marry that guy,will my sins be forgiven? I am really repenting my past sins..but I can’t live like that anymore..I know there’s nothing to do..but at least suggest me something…I really love my boyfriend..I wanna get married to him and spend my life with him…but my condition is way too complicated.I know I shouldnt have listened to that blackmailer in the first place but I made so many mistakes…I wish I could die..please suggest me anything..

My husband didn’t want to ruin our marriage, his ex planned us to be separate and using black magic

He LIED to me i am so disappointed. my parents got to know this and immediately they want us to be divorce because they just want the best for me and they don’t want me to be hurt again. but, after 1 week my husband told me that his ex-wife planned us to be separated she used BLACK MAGIC to him.

Separated for 3 years, can I marry a Muslim man now?

I recently embraced islam for about 2 years, and living in U.A.E for almost 3 years and legally married in Frankfurt Germany. Since I am separated from a Christian man for almost 3 years, am I entitled to get married if only ALLAH will allow me to meet the right man?

Is he allowed to keep me as wife for the sake of our child or should I ask for divorce?

Is it allowed for him in islam to keep me as his wife only because of her son? And since this is his reason, does it mean that in Islam I am not married to him only in papers? And if I am still his valid wife in Islamic religion what are my rights as a wife? Finally should I get a divorce or will I be punished by Allah for leaving my son?