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Divorcing spouse – having mixed feelings

I filed for divorce from my wife and am having a difficult decision being firm in my decision.

Wife’s past and trust issue

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

Advice needed on moving on from heartbreak

My boyfriend has been diagnosed cancer which has spread… He tells me he has been engaged to his cousin (also with cancer) since he was 10… Two days after the break-up I see him be affectionate to her on Instagram.

Sinful Past

My partner knows of my past, but I told him they were rumours and because I’ve lied to him he’s starting to doubt me.

Ex situation and jealousy of his new gf

There is a huge difference between my ex and my soon to be husband. I can clearly tell who respects me more. I dont know why i get jealous of his gf still.

I need help to take my next step in breaking free

I was misused in my past by a family member. Please show me a way how can I move on and how can I hide all my past from that person who marry with me.

Looking for hope, I’m losing my love

I want to get him back and apologise many times… I’m sorry dear, I want you back, forgive me

Am I in Iddat? or Abandonment?

Are there different rules? I am not bitter about it, I just want to move on with my life. Allah (swt) puts tests in our lives to return our attention to him, to make us Jannah worthy.

I want to forget him

I don’t want to get married and still be in love with some other guy. Please tell me a Dhikr to forget him and keep moving on with my life.

Guidance needed for peace of mind

I want to ask if my parents now look for my alliance shall I forget the past and move forward and try to make my marriage a success…?