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Am I being insecure about her past or should I avoid her?

I am currently in talks with a girl about marriage inshaAllah. The problem is the girl wasn’t a practicing Muslim before and has let slip of numerous pre marital partners beforehand..

My fiance cheated on me; should i marry him?

I have been with my fiance for over 3 years now and we got engaged at the end of last year. I found out 5/6 months ago that he had cheated on me with a non-Muslim who then wouldn’t leave him alone and statrted playing games with him. My mum had agreed for me to marry him initially however now disagrees with this. She has said on many occasions she has had signs even in her sleep that this guy is not right for me and wants me to just move on from him. His parents have also from day 1 tried picking at things and constantly trying to lecture me on what to do and I feel that this will happen more if I was to get married to him. I am so confused as I don’t know what to do?

I want a divorce from my wife and want to marry this other girl who I have been in relationship with.

I am in a situation which is very troubling. Eight years ago I got married to my mother’s identical twin sister’s daughter from Pakistan. For all these years I have put on an act so my mother remains happy. We are not able to have children & last year I became exhausted of living a lie. I met a girl with a beautiful heart and good intentions with whom I and she instantly had a spark and connection with. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with my twin babies & this is when I had to tell her I was still married. I left her with no option but to abort.

My in-laws are creating problem in our marriage financially and emotionally. Please help me.

I have been married for 3 years now and during all this time, my in-laws take all the money from my husband’s earnings even though I don’t have a sister in law and all my brother in laws are married. Is this right? I am very insecure because our child is on the way and we can’t save even if we want to. My sister-in-law (wife of my brother-in-law) is very proud. She doesn’t even talk to me; in fact, she looks at me in a demeaning way. She is rude and very clever. She made her brother’s wife leave because of her rude behaviour. Is this true what goes around comes around? She has hurt me so many times.

My friend is in not happy with his future in-laws as they don’t allow both to talk or see each other.

My friend saw her at a wedding a couple of years ago and wanted to get to know her more, so he messaged her on facebook, at first she was really rude to him since she doesn’t talk to a lot of guys, but after she got to know him they became friends on facebook, for almost 2 years they just talked online and after they started to get emotionally attached (online) my friend told her that he likes her and that he wanted to meet her parents to ask for her hand in marriage and if that would be ok with her? she agreed and she told her mom about my friend, and then her parents invited my friend to their house. Any ways, my friend did an istikhara and it was positive, his parents did istikharas and they were positive and even I did an istikhara for them and it was positive, and to my knowledge we are only supposed to do an istikahra upto 7 times and then trust it and not doubt Allah swt first guidance, why are these people doing it again and again and again for the same thing?

She wants her family back but wants her freedom too. How to trust my unfaithful wife?

I have talked with my wife and she gave me a story about her being unfaithful. She told me a story that confirmed my thoughts but now she is telling me that she gave me lie that may be would satisfy my heart and brain. I think she love me but not in the way that she will sacrifice something . I hope somebody knows what to do in this situation as I have lost a lot with my children and parents. On the other hand she is willing to go to imams,and try to convince them that I am the problem and maybe she is right because when I offer a solution she says yes and then it turns to no, Is there somebody who knows how to deal with a lying woman that really wants her family back but she wants the freedom to do what she wants even if its haram.

I still love my ex and want divorce but my husband and my parents don’t understand this.

I wanted to marry someone else who I loved deeply. I couldn’t mention it to my parents back then because I knew they would never agree to it and also they will be very distant and sad because of me. My husband refused to dissolve the engagement because he thought I was being illogical or maybe because of social pressure. I can’t mislead my husband anymore. I can’t even tell him I love someone else. I got so frustrated just after one year of marriage that I attempted suicide. And now by the end of 2 years, I find myself on the someplace that I want this marriage to end or else I will do suicide again, the person that I used to love is still single and willing to accept me if my husband divorces me.

Should he cut off ties with his childhood hurtful friends for me?

Unfortunately, Foogle and his friends were suspicious that Frodo had a love interest and asked him if he was talking to me. He denied it every time. Eventually they found out in July that I was speaking to Frodo through hacking his MSN chats (with me) and keylogging his Facebook login and email. When my sister pretended to be me, his friend swore at me and said “don’t go around posting my address you b****.” They started saying rubbish like “What the f*** do you know about the Quran” and talking rudely about circumcision etc my brother said they said much more WORSE things and he has been very concerned about the type of person Frodo could be if his friends could behave like this.

I am having evil thoughts about the girl I wish to marry due to her past and can’t decide what to do? Please help

am a new Muslim, and 20 years of age and I am having some issues concerning relationships. I’ve known this girl for about nearly all my life and its beeen 3 months now since we confessed our love for each other but we’ve been in love for more than a year and I knew she loved me and that I loved her. I’ve never had sex in my life even though I wasn’t Muslim all my life and have been in several relationships but she told me just recently that she did have sex before with her previous “boyfriend” and he forced her? I cry every night asking for Allah’s help and every time I think about leaving her my heart aches and I just cant do it. I’ve never loved anyone like this in my life, to the point I would fall sick whenever I dont communicate with her.

I want to kill my parents, please help

i am a student in institute in my country in Asia with GPA 3,6. until 3 months ago, i very want to kill my parents…