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Suspicious Of Husband

I’ve seriously been considering leaving him because I can’t live with someone I don’t trust and he doesn’t make efforts.

Depressive and emotional abusive parents

My mom is in depression. My father is just impossible.

Growing out of love

Too much trust has been broken.

How do I advise my friend?

Her pregnancy had complications and her husband doesn’t understand her.

Problems in Marriage and Mother In Law – Please Help

I have no one to speak to regarding this and just do not know what to do anymore.

Hard time dealing with Married Life

I did istikhara before deciding to tie a knot. And I initially consider everything will of Allah. It is getting worse now.

Trust Issues

Can there be a marriage without trust?

Stuck in a complicated situation

My senses tell me to move on but I am hesitant.

Family problem – stolen money

I pray to Allah please let all know who is thief, so that my husband will understand me at least.

Drugs, lies and no trust…

My Nikkah was held at the end of 2015 and things started “changing” from there… what was promised and told to me wasn’t true at all.