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Family problem – stolen money

Thief with bag of loot

Assalaam ualaikum all,
I have got one family problem. I had kept money in my house given by my mother to give her after some months.
One day my sis in law, her husband, kids came to my house. I forgot to put lock to my drawer. My sis in law husband slept in that room where money was kept without lock.
They left my home ealry morning. I got a dream of losing my money that it is being stolen on the same night guiding to go and search for money.

I went to search in the drawer next morning realising its stolen.
I told my husband its stolen. He said you cannot blame my sis in law husband.
I told this to my mom abt stolen money who had come and all.
She said it might be them only. I searched my home completely if I had
Kept money somewhere else.but no luck.

In one of my cousin marriage, my mom told abt the stolen money to
My sis in laws...
My mom in law fought with my father and mother
I was completely crying, as to why my mom told to them.
I couldn't bare this, my husband took my kid and left her in my mom in law
Since earlier my kid was in my mom house me being working women.
I always cry to Allah to bring back my kid to me.
Please guide me on this. My husband's mom, sisters, brother not at all coming
To my home after this incident.

I pray to Allah please let all know who is theif
So that my husband will understand me atleast.

Please guide me what I have to do bring my mom family together with my mom in law family. My husband hates my mom for this.

JazakAllah khair.

Allah Hafiz.


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  1. Ws. Sister, even if your gut feeling told you so, you have no proof about where the money went. It could have been stolen much earlier and just because they used your room that night, you suspect them. None of you had the right to accuse them without proof. I think your parents and you should go and apologize .
    Right now, your married life is at stake. Forget about the money. Worry about reconciliation.
    Even if you pray and Allah shows you who the thief is, how will you prove it? Let Allah’s justice work it out. The thief will have to pay for the theft in some form or the other.

  2. As Salam Alaikum,

    Parents, they can not keep anything to their stomach. Anyway sister, talk to your husband, tell him I did not accuse them and this is causing our marriage. And breaking marriage over money is the worst scenario. I pray everything will sort out, talk to your husband politely, and ask him lets try to forget about it. Why should you give up 5 years or whatever long years relationship you guys have over something silly as money, which has no value. Once you rectify with your husband now talk to your parents in polite manner, that please do not get involve because it is causing your family to break.

    Allah hafiz

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