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My Husband is a Weak Muslim

If we were a secular couple, I couldn’t complain about his few shortcomings. But since we are Muslims, there are expectations of each of us as spouses and parents.


Missing Namaz due to college😔😔😔

I miss zuhr and asar because of my college though I perform after coming from college.

What should I do?

I want to go to the gym but I can’t because I will miss prayers. I don’t know how to pray on my own…

Should I stop praying?

I feel guilty of asking for him in my prayers. Is it haram for me to pray and ask when he is already engaged?

Not Praying Salah – 14 Year Old

My mother couldn’t teach me… I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone because they will make fun of me.

I’m always in bad luck I really want to learn how to pray Salah but I just don’t know how

I believe I’m not so close to Allah the way other muslims are which is why Allah indicates me the consequences of creating distance between the peace and the dunya.

Please I need your sincere duas

I love my husband… now he left me and asking for divorce.

Please tell me how…

I do not know how to pray… I do not know where to start!

There’s something he is not telling me…

For the last one month he is behaving as if he might leave me… I wanted to ask the tareeeka of salat-e-hajaat…

Lesser of two evils?

I don’t know which is worse, committing the sin of speaking to a non-mahram or him not reading salaah.