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I need help with my life

I feel empty now and I don’t wanna study. I just don’t feel like doing anything, though I know I have to since it’s my last chance of having a good life.

Feeling isolated and desperate…

I don’t have anyone to turn to… Sometimes i feel to just pack my bags and leave but i don’t even know where to go.

Is he going to change into a God fearing man?

He always asks if we can have sex… I love him but I will not commit zina for him.

Fajr, School, Home, Quran, Salaah, Bed, Fajr… & no breaks. Death is better!

Asalamualaykum I am an eleven year old girl and I am also finding life hard and I feel that death is better for me I am currently memorizing the holy Quran and allhamdulilah living with my family.

Dua for my 2 year old boy

I have a 2 yr old son, i started working/studying when he was 6 mnths of age. He was left at home with a maid, and my mother in law. I wasnt able to give him the proper attention i think, that he hasnt started speaking as yet. He says a few words, but never repeats them. I also think that he doesnt have the wisdom of a two yr old, he is too innocent, but very hyper.

My boyfriend is abusive but I love him

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

I’m facing so many problems in my life. I got involved in a relationship, one which I have been in for the last 8 years. I really love him but he always bothers me, he uses abusive language against me, he slapped me, kicked me. One time I ended up with plaster on my hand for one month during Ramzaan because of him.

Family wants me to marry a guy I have no feelings for

My brother, who is the oldest and is Mashallah set up financially, says he will not marry until at least one girl from the family gets married first. This is silly because they are following the old Pakistani culture and want me and my sisters to get married first even though two of us are still studying and are not mentally prepared for marriage.

What should I do to convince my parents about the girl I want to marry?

I am a university student studying in the first year of bachelors. When I was doing my o-levels (quite young though) there was a girl in my school. I fell for her unaware of the restrictions in Islam at that time. It took me a lot of time to get in touch with her (almost a year). After all the efforts I somehow contacted her and her reaction was quite furious one.

Are my parents allowed to force me to marry someone?

I’m the elder daughter of my parents. I have another younger sister. We don’t have any brother. We always tried to do everything what our parents wanted us to do. Every time my father used to tell me you can do this and you can’t do this. I didn’t have any opinion of my own. It is like what ever we do on our own will be wrong and bad for us.

How can I get out of marrying this guy?

My name is Fatuma and my wedding is this summer July 2012 and I’m not ready. I do not like the guy I’m supposed to marry.
I said yes to my parents in the first place because they were mad at me for rejecting my cousin and I didn’t wanted to hurt them again even though I was not happy about what I was doing-but now I’m trying to explain my parent that I never liked that gu