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Difficulty in getting married!

I am in a confused state and I really wanna marry that guy.

If suicide wasn’t haram, I’d be long dead

I really want life to end. I don’t think anyone would even care.

Should I divorce her?

She has now left me and is asking for Divorce…

Verbal abuse and bad behaviour of wife towards husband and his family

It’s very humiliating for my family and they have asked me to leave this relationship but she does not want leave.

There’s something he is not telling me…

For the last one month he is behaving as if he might leave me… I wanted to ask the tareeeka of salat-e-hajaat…

Separation from my Wife

I need your opinion if there is a way to call her back or should I give up on her and move on in life.

Would appreciate any advice…

Please I only want responses from women thank you.

Verbal/emotional abuse a few months into nikah

There are times that I am scared of physical abuse… I feel that the respect in our relationship is gone.

Sinful Past

My partner knows of my past, but I told him they were rumours and because I’ve lied to him he’s starting to doubt me.

Toxic In-laws, Miscarriage, Depression – What should I do?

Please tell me in these circumstances, Should I give him another chance?