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Separation from my Wife

Marital Separation

dear team,

I am living away from my wife since almost 3 years out of 10 years of our marriage, Living separately was her decision as she felt I am not keeping her well nor liking her which was not the fact. I am trying to convince her many time with all surity and commitment to come back but she is adamant towards her decision and licing alone with my kid. I only get two day ṭo be with my kid in a week.

I have practically tried all means ṭo call her back but she still has many doubts on me and stuff. In this long time of separation I have never been in any physical relationship with her too.

Looking at my son i am not able to take decision of divorce but need your opinion if their is a way to call her back or should i give up on her and move on in life.

My family is asking me to take decision and move on. Lastly during this time of separation she too have indulge in adultery and she admitted it and I forgive her and still ask her to come back but she denied latter.

what should i do, please help me and advice me on same in light of Hadith and Sharia law.

thank you so much




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  1. It's quite simple. Your wife is not your wife except for in title. She does not fill the role of a wife in any way. You also do not fill the role of a husband. You do both have a role as a parent, you less so because of the 2 days a week aspect.

    Islam in this scenario is quite clear, a husband and a wife are a single unit who go through life together. You will experiences the ups and downs together and you will share your life together. The key word is together.

    Personally and others may offer a different view, but I would divorce her in an instant because of how many times and how long you have tried to get her back.

    Keep in contact with your child and give him the love and care he deserves. But staying married to her is only going to harm you more.

  2. Adultery while seperated and not yet divorced how could you even want her back...
    Move on brother

  3. Move on brother. It looks like she already has someone in her life which is why shes been away from u for such a long time. No married woman can live alone without her husband for such a long time unless it is NOT her choice or she has somone alse in her life. U said u tried ur best to bring her back but she dosnt want to which clearly shows she wont change her mind. Then why west ur life and time by wating for her??? U have already waited for her more then enaf.. Even after divoceing her and getting married again U stil can be ur kid father by fullfiling ur rolls in his life and not leaving him alone.

    May allah make it easy for u.

  4. Hello
    my fiancee is not talking to me on the phone just talk me messages I want he talk me on the phone
    Can you tell me some one wazifa plssssssssss
    reply me fast plss

    • Salaam Sister,

      It is haraam for a girl to talk to her fiance and vice versa. You both are not married hence you both should stop chatting through messages and you both should not talk on the phone before nikah.

      May Allah bless your marriage.

  5. Salaam Brother,

    I think you should move on in life. Divorce her and marry another woman. Both of you cannot spend your lives like this.

    Go and talk to her and tell her it is the last time you are trying to convince her to come back. If you can, get the help of elders in your family. Tell everyone that you are willing to take her back and she is the one refusing to come.

    After your last approach give her some days time to inform you if she wants to come back, if she doesn't respond positively then tell her that you are divorcing her.

    Custody of the child is a legal matter, no matter what happens make yourself strong and the child will come and meet you when he is old enough to be alone.

    Untill then live your life islamically with your new wife.

    May Allah guide you.

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