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Problems in marital relationship

My question is am I doing sin if I refuse sexual relationship as otherwise I have to choose option of divorce which is not good for kids’ future.

New to Islam

Hi. I just converted to be a muslim so I don’t really know much about Islam. Me and my boyfriend started dating a year ago. He is a muslim. We have a sexual relationship and we are not married. We will be marrying next month, so is it ok to keep a sexual relationship? And […]

My husband is a good man but emotionally unavailable

He is INCAPABLE of EMPATHY for me when I am hurt or upset about something he does. If I am hurt and complain to him, he always seems to interject HIMSELF into the conversation and play victim. He even does this with our children. I have a son who is ADHD and requires alot of care. My husband LOVES his children but is not good nurturer or talker.

Need guidance on sexual intercourse with wife.

Can I see her naked during intercourse, or what are the limits between husband and wife (during intimacy) from an Islamic point of view?

Very stressed and suicidal over what is the right thing to do .

I’m a 22 year old boy. I recently got into a relationship with this girl that i really liked. Around 6 months ago. I wanted to marry her and even informed my sister about her and everything. My family knows the girl since the two families are quite close. In the beginning it was just normal conversation regarding how we would get married. But then later we got really close and attached emotionally.

Is masturbation allowed while wife is away?

MY Wife is away for 15 days. During these times is it permissible for me to masturbate to fulfill my desires?

What should wife do if husband has no sexual relations with her for a long time?

What if a husband does not have sex with his wife for a long time? What should the wife do?

Comitted Zina – What now?

I’ve had premarital sex with my boyfriend. I now deeply regret it. What shall I do to be forgiven? Am I able to be married?

17, Muslim and I may be pregnant but how will my parents view it?

i have a boyfriend who is bengali 19 and muslim. we have been together for 7 months and have become very intimate. i love him alot and we have plans on getting married in a couple of years…. i know i shouldn’t be having sexual relations with him, but to be honest it really literally just happens. now i may be pregnant… my boyfriend says i should have an abortion.

Permissible Forms of Sexual Intimacy

Can a man have anal sex with his wife?