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I just converted to be a muslim so I don't really know much about Islam. Me and my boyfriend started dating a year ago. He is a muslim. We have a sexual relationship and we are not married. We will be marrying next month, so is it ok to keep a sexual relationship? And is oral sex allowed in Islam?


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  1. Salaams,

    To briefly answer your questions, any type of sexual activity before or outside of marriage is prohibited in Islam. So you would need to refrain from even touching one another, let alone anything else more passionate (including kissing) until you both marry.

    As far as oral sex is concerned, I find there is enough scholarly support to say that it is permissible once you are married. There are many who say that it's not, but in my view their arguments are weak and based more on their personal ideas that it's "disgusting" than anything in the shariah.

    -Amy Editor

  2. no its not to do before marriage..its not permissible even after engagement

  3. With the utmost respect, can i please ask why you have converted to Islam if you don't know much about the religion?

  4. Salaam, userdosenotexist (changing your name is majorly important but i might consider it in your case lol)

    Firstly, Im very happy for you and as a fellow convert to islam of 21 years now i pray that Allah almighty gives you the best of this world and that which is to come. When the veil of disbelief is lifted from the soul "the world tastes different". The questions you are asking have been roughly answered below. I would sincerely advise you to try and build your relationship with Allah now and try and find some classes locally if possible. Im sure if you share your location there are enough busy bodies on the forums to help you in that direction. Please don't take criticism to heart, most muslim communities (especially in england) are ultra conservative and you will get heavily critiqued for even breathing the wrong way. But don't pay it heed, there are lots of great people out there and I'm sure if you keep busy with building a strong healthy muslim family all will be ok Allah willing. I pray all goes well, once again its always great to hear of enlightened souls. Salaam

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