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What should I do?

I feel like my brain is drunk in his thoughts… I never really liked him more than a friend…

He says hes depressed? Should I still go ahead with this proposal?

He’s seeking counselling to help him. He prays as much as he can.. and I do love him. But I don’t want to marry him to end the relationship.

How can I overcome these thoughts?

Whenever I try to do something for the sake of Allah, I get a feeling or thought that makes me think or feel that what I did is for show off.

Is doing a sin in mind equal to practically committing it?

How wrong and bad this sin is? Is it forgivable? Am I out of the circle of islam?

Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts can come into my mind about my future life (even though I am not engaged yet). I want to get rid of this.

I’m 15 and addicted to bad deeds, how can I change?

I’m a 15 years old girl. I’m addicted to some bad deeds and usually bad thoughts. I want to abstain from these all bad things and want myself to be involved in prayers and Islam.

Homosexual thoughts for a year. Am I a lesbian?

My problem is that I get homosexual thoughts. I try alot to get rid of them,sometimes i do get rid by busying my self in other activities but sometimes I cant control my mind…

Allah has blessed me so much, yet I am depressed!

I am not sure why I am feeling like how I am now. It’s just Allah has blessed me so much and yet I am feeling depressed. Everytime I sit its like something is going on in my head and I can’t stop it from thinking. I just feel that something is removing me from Allah’s ibadat.

Married and have feelings for my first love

Salam. In high school I was madly in love with a muslim boy . So when I finished high school my parents shipped me to Saudi (my home country).

Bad thoughts about Allah

I try to believe in Allah and try to build my iman, but sometimes bad thoughts come in my mind about Allah.