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Arrogant Parents

My Hindu girlfriend is ready to convert but her family have started torturing her… She wants to suicide as she can’t bear it.

Should I divorce or stay in this marriage?

My father knows a bit about our difficulties and suggests we separate not divorce. I am worried that wont solve my problems as I am now at the end of my tether.

Supplications for death

I’m going through a lot of torture and oppression and I can’t take it anymore.

Father is betraying

He is physically and emotionally abusing me and my family is not supporting me.

My husband ran away

Since my first night he beat me up… He took away everything and left me alone.

My father ruined my life

He has been my biggest enemy… I want to escape this guilt and hatred that is building in my heart. Can I do suicide if I want to escape this sin of being disrespectful to my father?

I want to become a female fighter against ISIS

I hope no one is going to tell me to not fight ISIS because they are my ‘brothers and sisters’ in Islam. They are definitely not. I have no heart or feelings for any ISIS terrorists. A sewer rat has more value to me than all ISIS terrorists put together.

After two divorces, is it ok for me to consider being a second wife?

I am a 28 years old lady. I have completed MBBS and presently working as a Government doctor. My parents got me married in 2008 May and I got divorced within 1 month because the person I married was not manly and he used to torture me

I am confused over my divorce

I am 24 years old and have a 2 year and 7 months old daughter. My husband was a catholic but converted himself to islam to marry me. Though my family was against our marriage later they were fine with it. three months after marriage I found out that he was a drug addict. He never could do a job for more than few weeks and he would mentally torture me asking for money. I loved him truly and honestly and went through a lot of humiliation and pain because of his addiction.

Homosexual love is torturing me to suicide

Salam and peace be upon you from the almighty allah

Hello I’m a 17year old boy who has only two days of finishing year 12. 3-4 times a day pray, I read the Quran and always ask for Allah’s forgiveness. I had always wanted to have kids and marry a girl and live happily. But 4 years ago my family moved from to another city and I started a new school in grade 9. I met a boy, who is a good Muslim and we became good friends. I only see this boy at school. But in that year I started to fall in love with him, of which I felt ashamed.