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Assalamu Alaikum Brothers And Sisters. I’m From India... Actually I’m in a relationship with a Hindu (Non-Muslim) girl... she is ready to convert but the problem is that her family is not ready for us and when they first came to know about our relationship they just started torturing her... they don’t even allow her to go to the nearest shop... she wrote a letter and told me that she wants to suicide as she can’t bare her parents more... but even i can’t do anything because according to law you should be 18+ to marry legally where as we are 17 ... I just want a dua that give her Sabr and the Dua that will soften her parent’s heart and will give her some freedom and will trust her... And we both want to see each other since we have not seen each other since last 3 months...

May Allah’s Peace Be Upon Us All


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  1. All i'm saying expect a lot of difficulties and trouble times ahead if you choose to go ahead with marrying this girl, you make the choice so accept deal with it.

  2. Dearest brother you have made a difficult choice not by force but by love. First thing you should do is think about it practically once again because this is not just two or three days but a lifetime kinda thing, because now you're too young to make a decision like that, as you'll grow up initially your choices will change alot of things which you like doing now and most probably you won't be the same you with your growing age and Godforbid later on you or she'll think that maybe you guys made this decision in haste. Teen love is kinda rebel force, the more pressure you get from parents or society the more you want to get involved with that person specifically the one who does not belong to the same religion as you because I myself a Muslim Alhamdulillah fell hard for a Hindu guy. I was just 18 at that time and I thought he was the ONE I didn't even cared weather he'll change his religion or not I just went with the flow and later out of the blue he just ended things up. Let me quote him "It can't work out because I'm Hindu and you're Muslim, we'll have problems in future". And I literally begged him I cried but he was consistent about it and the best part was just after that he got into relation with one of my close friend who literally backstabbed me and started avoiding me. That phase of my life was ... I just can't explain it to you. The while point of telling you is that don't just give it all what if she gives up on the relation because of too much pressure. Bro I've no intention to scare you off or whatever but if you really love her and she does too then be consistent don't backoff no matter what and tell her to do the same. And as you are very much keen about it so I would suggest you to recite salah and recite Durood-e-Tanjaina 75 times after duhr salah and pray for your good future together and that her parents gets convinced and whatever you want with tour life and please don't give up on Allah. Have faith in him whatever hardships comes in your life just be patient and even Godforbid you guys don't get together in future please think of it as the best for you as it'll be because Allah loves us more than 70 mothers can love a single child and he would never plan something bad for his lovely child (you). Best of luck bro with your life I'll pray for you surely. Peace.

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