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Committing sin

How can I find peace within myself? I harmed myself and overdosed myself. I tried to punish myself for everything I did…

Confused and in need of guidance

Why is my iman so weak…? I hate myself right now.

Molested by cousin

Now I’m like 100% sure that it wasn’t misunderstanding and my cousin actually molested me.

Is it a sin for me? Will I go to hell for this??

Am I going to be punished for letting it happen? Is it wrong that I did not tell anyone?

I have had phone sex with a girl

I think she has lost her virginity. I am still in fear. Help me what have I done… is it a zina?

Incestous feeling for my younger sister; please help

In the morning she didn’t said anything about last night and behaving normally cause she is very innocent (only 18 years of age). But i am regretting now, that i have done a big sin. I am very depressed now that what should i do, cause am feeling very guilty.

Is oral sex equivalent to intercourse in zina?

Is oral sex equivalent to intercourse? Is the punishment equal? Is kissing or touching a female breast and butt equivalent to oral sex? What are the acts of minor zina and their punishment?

I let my cousin lay over me when I was 8 years old

I let my cousin to lie over me for 2-3 mins, no intercourse, no kisses, I was not nude either. I really was unaware that this is an evil. I was just stupid didnt even know whether this is good or bad. I later gained that this is not major zina (sexual intercourse) as I was an insane.

Waiting for a proposal but not sure if it will come

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam….

Please help me. I am in a state of turmoil, very much confused. I am 28years old and I have never been in any relationship. I have always been proud of that fact. I have never held a mans hand, been on a date and definitely never been kissed. I have always wanted to have my husband to be the first in everything as pertained in Islam.

Her family did not like that I held her hand, so I want a divorce

I married to a girl (Just Nikah)… We saw each other a day before our Nikah. After nikah when I hold her hand, her family did not like that. They live in America and I live in UK. Before nikah I had a plan to settle in America but when I saw their (her aunties and dad) behaviour I changed my mind and told my wife to come to London after she finish her studies.