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Verbally aggressive fiancé

He was amazing for the first 6 months but recently he’s been showing his true colors.

Running away from home.

My father find some messages of mine… I get scolded and he said you lost my trust…

Got curses on first day of Ramadan

Is this the way siblings hurt each other when they cannot even understand you? How selfishly they all have misused me.

My father

I don’t know what to do… I hope one of us dies by my father’s hand so he’ll be punished.

I have been married for almost 10 years and can’t do it anymore, please help

I have never lived my life like I wanted to – always first listened to my parents then my husband and inlaws…

Abused since 9 years. In a serious need of help.

I would honestly not be alive today, if suicide wasn’t haram.

Divorce is the Only Option

I cannot be with her. How can a man be with a woman he does not respect? I want out.


If we divorce he will take our kids away from me…

My husband considers my niece a true Muslim but says I am not

Why is she a true Muslim and I am not? It is her destiny but do I not make it possible? Why is so hard for some Muslims to accept somebody who converted to Islam?

My older brother is abusive and causes me many problems

I don’t feel safe living at home because of him…