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What should I do?

I fell in love with a senior in my school.

Should I go with istikhara or my feelings?

Every time the same answer comes but I am not satisfied with it.

Sex before marriage.

We’ve had sex and I want to know is it best to leave her or to convince her to come back and aim for a nikkah?

Converting to Muslim

My husband is a religious person. In fact, he is kind of a racist person. How can I convert to Muslim when my family are non-Muslim?

Family issues confusing marriage

I wanted to marry him but my parents refused. He’s divorcing his wife. He has proposed to me again and I’m confused as to what to do as he is related to my family and so is his soon to be ex wife.

Family problems… things just seem to be getting worse

My dad tried to hit my mom with a steel rod, my brother tried to defend my mom and so my dad started beating him too…

Ishtakara dream of shoes

What is the meaning of this dream, what I have to do?

Pregnant before marriage – is abortion an option?

I decided to leave him for the sake of family and Allah but then realised I’m pregnant with his child. I cannot leave my parents for him. Is abortion an option?

Discovered messages on my mother’s phone, what to do?

Today I found a series of texts in my mothers phone. Her speaking with a man that we all know. Calling him “habibi” and how she misses him and him responding in kind.