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When will I get a job?

Finding a job can be difficult in this job market. Here are some tips.
Finding a job can be difficult in this job market. Here are some tips.


When will I get a job?

- Arif

Wael's Answer:

Dear Brother Arif, As-salamu alaykum,

I am not a fortune teller. I cannot predict the future. No one knows the future except for Allah. No one can look at tea leaves, or tarot cards, or study the stars, and tell you when you will get a job. All of that is shirk (associating partners with Allah, the biggest sin).

But I can give you some advice. I know that it's difficult to be without work and struggling to get by. Trying to care for your family, trying to feel secure financially, to pay your bills and put food on the table. It's hard. It's stressful.

Ask Allah for help. Be regular with your salat, and make dua to Allah to help you. Allah is with you and will not abandon you.

Here are some tips for finding work in a difficult job market:

  1. Face to face. Try to meet with employers face to face. Visit businesses and let them see your face in person instead of relying on e-mails and phone calls. It will make more of an impression.
  2. Keep your spirits up. Don't get discouraged in your job search. After every hard time comes a time of ease. Have faith that you will find something. Have a positive attitude. Keep trying, and make as many inquiries as you can. The more you try, the better your chances of finding something.
  3. Be flexible. Try to be as flexible as you can. Consider contract work, part-time work, or starting at a lesser salary than you were hoping for. It gets your foot in the door for other opportunities later. Less money is better than no money, right?
  4. Consider relocating. Top jobs aren't always where you are. Be open to the . idea of relocating and expanding your horizons"¦ trying something new.
  5. Do not rely only on job ads. Many jobs aren't advertised. Use your own network of relatives, friends, acquaintances and past employers. Contact employers directly. They might appreciate your initiative.
  6. Don't waste hours on job websites. Spend very little of your time on Internet job boards and help-wanted ads. Look, but don't focus on those. Everyone's looking there.
  7. Social networking. Take advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Update your profile and reach out to people in your chosen industry. Keep your profile very professional.
  8. Be persistent. This may be the most important tip of all. Don't give up, and don't accept no for an answer. Of course you can't force yourself on anyone, but persistence can sometimes pay off.

    Here's a true story about the power of persistence: Once, many years ago, I arrived in San Francisco with no friends, no contacts and only a little money in my pocket. I needed work. I visited many companies in my field and I found one company in particular that I liked. They told me that they did not need anyone but that I could check back in several months.I came back the next day.

    The human resources manager said, "Weren't you here yesterday and I told you we don't need anyone?" I said yes, but I thought maybe someone might call in sick and they could use me just for the day. The HR man looked at me strangely and said, "No, nothing like that. Why don't you come back in a month?"

    I came back the next day. This time the HR man smiled at me and said, "I'll tell you what, come back in one week."

    I came back the next day. It was a Thursday. The HR man rolled his eyes in exasperation and said, "Listen. Come back on Monday and I'll see what I can do."

    I came back the next day. He gave me a job starting that day. I worked for that company for five years and I got promoted twice.

    That's a true story.

I know it's harder nowadays with the worldwide economy in shambles. I'm not pretending that anyone can get a job by following these tips. But it will certainly help your chances, Insha'Allah.

May Allah help you and provide for you and your family.

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  1. As-salamu alaykum

    Thank you Sir, Really you correct me nobody can predict when will what happen except ALLAH.

  2. Brother, this is a very nice article to read and recommendable for job seekers in order to gain patience in job search. I myself am sure I will possibly have very tough time seeking jobs in the field I tend to apply soon. As an inspiring Pilot, I can say building hours does not always come easy as the airline industry's condition is very weak. But I believe in one thing : Patience, Passion and Perseverence. If you give up, you're gone. Airlines in the west have very tough requirements for Pilots ever since 9/11. The requirement are way too tough to meet and finding jobs in this field is none like any other. It takes usually an average of 10 years to fulfill those very tough flying hours as many require you to undertake jet flying hours with Pilot in Command or hours on type airplane you will be hired to fly as a Pilot. Starting jobs aren't that great in terms of pay and schedules. Beginning stage for Pilots is very tough after attaining 1500 hours with the final license (ATPL), many airlines are looking for jet experienced Pilots with many hours on specific jets the airline will recruit the Pilot. But with perseverence and patience, much comes easy. At the least where you don't have contact or great networking skills in any industry and not just flying, patience and perseverence will come helpful. Trust me guyz, your patience and perseverence may be tested by Allah SWT and in the end, He may provide you the reward after a long and painful struggle to find a job that's well suited for you.

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