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Domestic violence

I’m stuck in thinking am I being selfish that I’m leaving him when he needs support and help the most from me…?

Desperate and abused… I might commit suicide

I am on the verge of losing my mental balance. I might suicide.

I need help with the problems in my marriage

I haven’t told him anything and it’s killing me. I can’t tell him because I’m afraid that he will hit me for looking in his phone and he also blackmails me that if i make one more mistake that he’d marry another woman.

Verbal and physical abuse by my husband

Deep down in my heart I know he will never change and I dont want children because I know they have to face this abuse, which I do not want my enemy to feel.

Dad hits mom and use abusive language with her

Dad even used to hit mama in her pregnancies. Now she is 50 and still that person hits her and calls her abusive things.

An abusive wife

I am deeply depressed thinking how I got myself into this situation where I’m afraid of being near my wife…

Is this marriage valid? How can I get away from him?

He started to be very abusive, aggressive and beats me a lot. I want to go back to my family because I’m afraid.

I feel guilty – should I tell my husband?

He beat me and would lock me in the home. But now he’s the world’s best husband. I feel guilty for having a phone friend and doing zina with them.

Betrayed by the husband – now he won’t sign khula papers either!

He has mentally, emotionally, physically and verbally tortured me and he has my expensive belongings and he is not returning them or his parents!!!

Help for a lost mom with 10 kids

My question is are we divorced and how would I know if he has divorced me? Thank you very much.