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Unhappy Marriage – A Result of Forced Marriage

I got forced married to this guy my dad liked… My parents care about him more then me. He hit me… I have pictures of it but my parents think I’m lying – think I did that to myself.

How can I guide my husband to forgive me for cheating?

I am 32 from U.K. I have two kids and I am pregnant with the third child. I felt neglected and cheated on my husband. I got caught and still lied to him about what I did.

my third abusive husband wants to get another wife

salam, if u remember i told my story here before..i met my 3rd husband, and i thought because he have beard and does his prayer,he is a good muslim first he is very kind towards me and to my kids..we just married 6 months ago and now i am pregnant with his child.i am 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child alhamdulillah.

Her husband beats her badly, she needs strength to take Khula

We need some serious advice, so she can find the strength to make the right decision and not feel weakened by the cry of her children, when ever he calls or when he msg’s her – and help her to be proactive and doing something about her Khula. We feel that she should leave him, even with four children because the children and her, do not deserve a man like that. We are trying to tell her “that think, if something had gone wrong under the fist beating. IF she become partially paralyzed … or what if she had died under that severe beating.

Should I leave my abusive husband?

I have been married for 8 years and MashAllah have two boys by the Grace of Allah. My husband has physically and verbally started abusing me from the third day of our marriage. For two years I never told anyone. But then I involved his and my family.We have had many sit down discussions. Every time he promises not to do it , but does it again. I dont know if I should stay with him or leave. Please help me.

Struggling to get the courage to leave an abusive husband

I feel emotionally and physically numb and sometimes I feel as if I am living in a movie. Nothing seems real. I struggle not to think and to try to figure my husband out and his ways. Thinking about him drives me to insanity. It makes me feel as if the house is so narrow that I am going to suffocate.

Not sure what to do about my husband

Salam alaykum

I have been married for 5 years now, and I feel our relationship has got nowhere. My husband has been physically abusive and has asked for forgiveness and I’ve accepted. And then it happens again! For the last few years of our marriage he has also started gambling and I am now in debt from bailing him out.

Abusive Husband

Assalam O Alaikum to all…

I hve been married since the last 1 yr & 4 months. It was by my choice. I guess that’s where I made a mistake. I knew my husband for 8 years before marrying him. Even during our courtship he was very abusive, physically & verbally and would always threaten to leave me. We would somehow get back together & I would forgive & forget everything.