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My new husband is unfaithful and manipulative, don’t know what to do(5)

October 30, 2018

My suspicions got the better of me one night and i ended up checking his phone. I found that he was talking to several other women and making plans to meet up with them.

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My husband wants to return me to my parents house

It has been a difficult marriage but I love my husband so much and I will do anything to keep this marriage going.

Convert married to Kaffir

He is physically abusive… He continues to do drugs, spend all his time with his friends, fight with me all the time, throws my past in my face and makes no effort to change. He calls himself a Muslim.

Playing the Lottery

I want to play the lottery and if I do win I plan to use it 100% as zakat… would it still be haram to play if my intentions are pure?

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