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Do I have to Wear Hijab at home?

I am happy to wear hijab at home if it is an Islamic requirement....but is it?

Asalaamua'likum. I would like a Scholarly opinion insha'allah - may Allah swt reward your efforts and grant you Jannah.

My husband is very pious mash'Allah and I am trying to improve in my practise of Islam (I am a revert) I try to cover myself appropriately and wear niqab outside of the house most of the time.

My husband feels it is a higher/advanced level of adab to also wear a headcovering (eg, scarf) at home. As he has taqwa, he feels doing so is more modest and brings greater blessings into the home through one's modesty. He suggests (never enforces, alhamduillah for his good character) that I should wear headcovering even in seclusion with no visitors or non-mahrams. I have no objections to doing this if evidence or proof of this is presented as I wish to obey my husband.

From my studies I have found no evidence of women being required or even recommended to keep on hijab at home. My husband says I will not find evidence of this because it is adab and therefore more subtle - not from Quran and Sunnah. My husband is from Pakistan and I am concerned that this is actually a cultural practice and that there is no recommendation/benefit from my doing so. I am happy to do it to please him but I am equally very keen to follow true Islam without cultural norms being mistaken for such.

Could you please clarify if covering at home is more inline with the principle of 'haya? If not, will I be sinning if I refuse? (not out of stubboness, rather the intent to avoid cultural practices or innovation in deen) Jazakha'Allah khair

Wa'alikum wa salaam, barak Allah feek.

Revert sister

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  1. Dear Samara, Walaikumsalaam,

    Hijaab is an act of worship because Allah has commanded it and it is only required infront of non mahrams, be that at home or in public. Likewise we do not need to observe hijaab infront of non mahram. Claiming that wearing hijaab at home infront of non mahrams including the husband brings more blessings is a complete innovation. Of course we should maintain modesty infront of mahrams too, but the rules are more relaxed with the husbands, a woman can wear anything she wants infront of him.

    Our Prophet(saw) taught us complete adab/manners as he was the best of mankind so we should do our best to follow him. If we do so, we will find a healthy balance in all areas of life. If your husband wants to gain blessings, leave innovations and do what Allah and the Prophet(saw) have taught us. Simple daily things can be an act of worship when done for the pleasure of Allah (without innovating), eg a wife beautifying herself for her husband, enjoying time with one's spouse/children can be an act of worship.

    The Prophet(saw) fasted sometimes but not everyday, he forbade fasting everyday. He (saw) prayed night prayers, but slept too and he forbade praying all night everynight. He advised that when guests are around, do not engage in voluntary salaah or extra quran recitation, as we should give our guests their due time. The point being, that Islam is not harsh or inhumane and it caters for our every need, because humans have strengths, weaknesses, emotions and desires and need space to express themselves in a healthy and balanced manner.

    Pakistani culture has some strange, frustrating and illiterate customs and alot of them hold no link to Islam. Islam is a very simple easy religion, we should be moderate and stick to what has been advised and not go over board. Going over board makes things unnatural and will only make us depressed and eventually we will run out of steam and get tired of the deen. I love wearing hijaab, but if I wasnt able to let may hair down in front of non mahrams, it would drive me mad, afterall I'm female and human. Furthermore, we are not nuns, we are Muslim women and we are allowed to and are encouraged to display our beauty in a halaal and healthy manner.

    Sister, I am glad that you questioned your husband's thoughts on hijaab because many revert sisters think that their husbands know the deen better and hence end up being taken advantage of, so Alhumdulillah. Maybe you could show your husband examples from the Sunnah of when the wives of our Prophet (saw) beautified themselves for him (saw). Furthermore remind your husband, that as Muslims, we are encouraged to take the middle ground and making our religion stricter than it actually is will scare both muslims and non-muslims away.

    Allah is Beautiful and gentle and loves his creation to be beautiful and gentle too.

    SisterZ, Editor

  2. Yes, I completely agree with SisterZ. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the religion is ease, not difficulty. It is wrong to burden ourselves by inventing obligations when none exists, or by making up prohibitions that do not exist.

    There is absolutely no reason to wear your hijab at home when no non-mahrems are present, unless you are doing salat, or expecting visitors at any moment. And it seems strange to me that your husband would not want to enjoy your beauty at home. The beauty of the wife is for the husband, and the beauty of the husband is for the wife. That's a gift from Allah. To deny it is to deny Allah's blessings on us.

    Wael Editor

  3. dear sister

    my questions is that a women neet jilbab when she go outside, iis it obligatory for her to wear it at home to go infront of a non mahram?

    if not so what is the definition of inner garment ?

  4. I like to know where in the Quran or hadit explain that women need to cover their hair specifically. I am a practicing Muslim, I dress modestly, and have a hijabi personality (as many of told me). I still need to learn a lot about Islam in order to understand certain practices.

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