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I have masturbated – will it affect my life after marriage?

Masturbation: Effects on Human Health


I am a 21 year old girl, and I have never had sex before, but I have been involved in some sorts of sexual activities such as making out and masturbating. I am going to be getting married very soon INSHA ALLAH and with all good intentions. I very much like my fiance and dont want to lose him what so ever. It had not been too long since i have started to masturbate; it's been a month or so and I don't it on a daily basis - only occasionally. I want to stop because what I have noticed now is that I am losing that feeling I got when I first masturbated, and I am scared this might effect my sex life after marriage. Will it? I am really scared and I don't want that to happen!! Please help me.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    If you wish to stop masturbating, then there is plenty of advice already available on this website that might be useful to you - I'd recommend looking at previous posts on the topic.

    As this is a fairly new habit for you, inshaAllah it shouldn't be too hard to give up, and shouldn't cause problems in your married life.

    Make sure you repent for your transgressions, and that you avoid any haram interactions with non-mahrams, including your fiance.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Wkm asl sis.
    Yeah surly it effects ur married life,
    I have experienced,
    If U won't stop masturbating now, may be ur hubby suspect U having premarital Sex,
    and if not, U surly won't get the feeling of enjoying sex.
    When it is Haram in Islam, then it would have so many side effects too.
    U just think that If U cannot stop this small thing in ur life then what else can U do in ur life, for a minutes of enjoy U r loosing the world's and hereafter's Rewards,
    U keep ur self buzy and whenever that evil thoughts U get just remember Allah and start reciting Kalima.

    • i am trying to stop mastrbation...but i cant...kindly help me to stop that evilness....whenever i'm going to work surely i open some sites for masterbation...kindly help me how can i stop it????

  3. As-salamu alaykum MalikJ,

    First, I do not believe that masturbation is haram in Islam, as there is no clear proof of that. Some scholars consider it to be merely disliked, or permissible in the event that one fears committing zinaa.

    Second, it will not affect your married sex life in any way. Masturbation has no lasting effects and is not detectable by others. When you get married, you can turn to your husband for sexual pleasure whenever you like Insha'Allah.

    You should not be "making out" with anyone. It's forbidden in Islam to be intimate with anyone before marriage, even just kissing and cuddling, so please protect your deen and make tawbah to Allah for whatever mistakes you made in the past.

    Wael Editor

  4. Is not haram in Islam but this is a kind of "Amant Main Khiyanat" and this habit is most dislike in Islam so as when we can stop it is better for every body who is involved.

    But if someone will stop it then I do not think it will effect married life if you will not divert your intentions even after marriage.

    • assalamwalaikum I am 27 year old I want to ask about masturbation ? before 6 year I am doing masturbation now I am going to marriage. after marriage coming any sex problem, like my wife become pregnant or not I am fearing please help me what to do..

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