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Mother won’t let me go to Quran center

Open Quran

My muslim mother (father is no more in this world) strictly stops me from learning Quran from a Quran Centre.

I want to learn & spread Islam. What should i do?

- SamarSyed

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  1. Dear Samar, As-salamu alaykum,

    You should obey your mother. There are other ways you can learn Quran. For example, there are many good Quran websites where you can listen to Quran. Also, you can have the Quran on your mp3, or on your computer. If you attend the masjid, then your masjid may have Quran classes on certain nights of the week.

    Why does your mother prohibit you from attending the Quran center? Does she feel that there may be some extremists there? Or does she think it may distract you from your school studies?

    Maybe you can address those issues. For example, if the thinks it will affect your studies then maybe you can make a deal with her that you will attend the Quran center for a limited period, on the condition that it does affect your school grades.

    No doubt Allah will bless you for your good intentions, and make a way for you to learn the deen and teach it, Insha'Allah.

    Wael Editor

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