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What to get a Muslim for a wedding gift?

A Muslm woman's outfitQuestion:

I am a Canadian, but will be attending a Muslim shower and wedding.

Please give me suggestions on appropriate gifts. Thanks.

Wael's Answer:

Dear Canadian,

I don't think the issue of religion matters much, as long as you don't bring wine or other liquor.

Brother Muhammad (in the comments below) suggested a smoothie maker and that sounds great. In fact any quality kitchen appliance is good, or hey, how about an iPod? I would LOVE to get one of those, the only problem being who is going to use it, husband or wife? Okay, strike the iPod.

How about a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in town? Or if they are just moving into their own home, something for the house, like a set of Egyptian cotton towels.

Flowers in a nice vase are always a good gift, since what you are really giving is the vase.

There are a few things I would avoid. At my wedding, several people gave us crystal, as in crystal bowls, glasses, etc. What's with all the crystal? We never used any of it. And one older man gave my wife a negligee! That was just creepy and inappropriate.

Anyway, use your imagination. The fact that they are Muslim is not terribly relevant.

I published an article suggesting gifts for a Muslim woman some time ago. It was actually intended for husbands trying to think of good gifts for their wives, but I'm sure you can get some great ideas from it. Here it is:

30 Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman

(Since I first published it, the list has grown to 33 gift ideas).

Best Regards,

Wael Abdelgawad Editor

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  1. A wedding gift for a Muslim wedding doesn't have to be anything special. Just buy what you would for a normal wedding as long as it isn't offensive or anything which involves alcohol or drugs. It should be pretty simple so I wouldn't worry about it too much. The last time I went to a wedding I bought them a smoothie maker. Most people would buy something for the house if they are moving in together, so use that as a guideline.

  2. Asalaamu Alaykom

    I think a great gift would be Islamic books on marriage. There is also a very useful series of lectures by Yasir Birjas called Fiqh of Love.

    You can find them at download them and burn them onto c.d, I am unsure of the copyright on them though but I assume they are safe since they are on an Islamic website.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I recently purchased a painting from the islamic art website: as a wedding gift for a close friend. MashaAllah the artwork is beautiful and would be a great Wedding gift or any other type of Islamic gift.

  4. Beautiful Islamic Art, at

    let me know what you think

  5. Islamic Wedding gift - maybe a book on marriage i would think is a good idea or some dectoration item they could keep in the house try the website usually have some good things.

  6. I think it's really a beautiful idea to present a calligraphy print or some kitchen tools. If you know her style, you might present a nice hijab or something like that. Or you create something by yourself, adding an islamic message. If you like to add an Islamic greeting card, you can have a look here:

    • Yasemin, a calligraphy print or a hijab are nice gifts, and making something yourself is always great. But I don't know about the kitchen tools. Some women might take that the wrong way, as if to say that her value only exists in her cooking and cleaning.

      Wael Editor

  7. Hi. I do tapestry and have done some cushion covers in flowers with black background. I thought I might back them in red velvet. I hope they would be a good gift for a girl who has become a Muslim and is getting married. Comments please

  8. My comment is not related to the query, but my observation is about the linked picture with this post of a girl holding a bag with a sign of sandal on it. I don't want to start any sectarian debate here, but I think it is related to a particular sect and hence shouldn't be displayed like this.

    • Amnah, the actual image above is from the website of Shukr, an Islamic clothing store. They sell men's and woman's clothing. Some of their accessories have the image of the Prophet's (sws) sandal. It's true that this image has historically been associated with some sufi practices and perhaps some un-Islmaic practices such as kissing the image of the sandal. I didn't know any of this until I researched it just now. But I don't think it represents any sect in particular.

      Wael Editor

  9. Just to say I appreciate all the advise and comments that I perused on getting advice about going to a Muslim wedding. N.t.s. about my clothing attire and what gifts I should take and not take.

    Kind regards


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