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My father rejected our marriage


I met a girl at school, I want to marry her as well, but my father rejected the married because I'm sunni and she's shia.

~Umar Ali

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  1. Salaams,

    It sounds like there may be more details to the situation than you have shared. We can only answer based on information provided, and based on your post I suggest you take the time to talk to your father about all of his concerns and discuss them with him respectfully and humbly. He may have some wisdom in his position that goes beyond the differences in religious practice/belief.

    It will also help you to read other posts on this site where others have faced similar situations, there are several that address inter-marriage issues between shia/sunni.

    -Amy Editor

  2. i have heard that sunni cant marry shia

  3. salaaam
    My father is shia and my mother is kind of sunni, because her parents are both sunni. My parents are more then 20 years married, so it works. I think you just have to explain your dad more about shia's, because I think he don't really know that shia's are also thru believers.

    I wish you the best

  4. salam

    please have a look at the Aqeedah of the Shia about our Messenger Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, about the mothers of the believers - his wives - may Allah be Pleased with him and about eh Sahabah May Allah be Pleased with them all. And also read what they think about the Qur'aan. You will get your answer after that. Then you will be able to decide if you want to marry the same person - and this will test your Love for Allah, His Messenger, the Ahlul Bait (which includes his wives), the Sahaabah and the Qur'aan. And marriage is not a play, yur children's deen is based on the deen of their mother and thus it matters a lot.

    May Allah Help you
    Muhammad Waseem

  5. you need to sit down and talk about the women or woman your about to marry first before you ask your fathers permission. Remember there is no marriage without the girls consent!!

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