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In love with a fellow and engaged to my Cousin


I was friend with this boy for over a year and we starting developing feelings for each meanwhile,my family got proposal from my cousin .upon knowing that he is shia they engaged me with my cousin as i belong to sunni family.however ,i convinced my parents to meet him and consider him for marriage. Now,whenever i ask him to bring his parents to my home ,he always says that his father is not convinced .meanwhile ,one of his cousin is getting really close to him. i dont have any contact with my cousin(whom i am engaged with) upon my own well. thing is we work together ,and have to encounter on daily bases.

i love him. In beginning he was quiet sure to bring his parents to our home but now he seem to be in a doubt .we both are together even after my engagement for another year.i dont want to give up on him.but i m really disturb that should i go on with my life or keep waiting for him. Meanwhile he seem okay and growing stronger with his cousin. i find myself unable to move on.

whole of my family knows about him. but they dont know that we had err one time.holding hands and hugged but just onces. afterward i start becoming insure and getting into depression .

i no longer know that even if he is still interested in marrying me.

what should i do?

jazakh Allah.



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