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In love with a fellow and engaged to my Cousin


I was friend with this boy for over a year and we starting developing feelings for each meanwhile,my family got proposal from my cousin .upon knowing that he is shia they engaged me with my cousin as i belong to sunni family.however ,i convinced my parents to meet him and consider him for marriage. Now,whenever i ask him to bring his parents to my home ,he always says that his father is not convinced .meanwhile ,one of his cousin is getting really close to him. i dont have any contact with my cousin(whom i am engaged with) upon my own well. thing is we work together ,and have to encounter on daily bases.

i love him. In beginning he was quiet sure to bring his parents to our home but now he seem to be in a doubt .we both are together even after my engagement for another year.i dont want to give up on him.but i m really disturb that should i go on with my life or keep waiting for him. Meanwhile he seem okay and growing stronger with his cousin. i find myself unable to move on.

whole of my family knows about him. but they dont know that we had err one time.holding hands and hugged but just onces. afterward i start becoming insure and getting into depression .

i no longer know that even if he is still interested in marrying me.

what should i do?

jazakh Allah.


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  1. Asalamu aleykum sister

    The only advice I coud give to you as a muslim sister would be to pray to Allah and ask him for the right direction because Allah knows what's good for us more than we know. Also do not let your family force you into a marriage with your cousin since it will also be unfair to him (to marry someone that has no interest in him). If the person you like is hesitating I'd say walk away from him, because my opinion is that a person who truly fears Allah will not hesitate to do the right and halal thing. In sha Allah, Allah will guide you to the right path and he is going to reward you for your patience.

    Be sure to pray a lot and make dua and put all of your issue before Allah, wallahi he is the best when it comes to giving solutions.

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