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My husband shows no love, what should I do?

Absent father

"My husband does not interact with me or the children."

salaam, i wanted advice on the following:

i have been married 6 years alhamdulillah, but my husband does not intetract with me or the children, or even talk or show love.

i have a feeling that he wants to end it. i have given him chances after chances and nothing nobody can get through to him. he wants to live apart and does not care about us.

what should i do?

- Samina

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  1. Speak to him openly and honestly. Choose a time when there are no distractions, and tell him you feel that he may be unhappy - and is he unhappy? Inshallah, this will open up a dialogue and a platform upon which you can find out how he feels and what his intentions are.
    Peace, Leyla

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