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My husband would rather work and play on Playstation than be with me

When my husband comes home from work he wants to sit playing on his play station or sit on his own with his earphones in.


Marriage and divorce

I am really confused, I am not happy in my marriage and it’s affecting me mentally… I have started to feel like that “I don’t love him anymore.”

My sister doesn’t accept her husband

She says that she has not accepted the man with whom she got married as her husband, and thus she can’t fulfill her marital obligations. Her husband is not ready to divorce her, as he is a God fearing man and considers this as a sin. My sister is also good and understands the duties of a wife, but she says she doesn’t accept him as a husband.

My husband has no affections for me

I write with a heavy heart. My husband has no affections for me. I am sad as I do not understand. I have tried over the years to talk to him, but he says to shut up and he does not want to hear this.

We were recently married, but I found that my husband likes another girl

One day I woke up and I saw a text saying ” good morning baby wake up” I was like wth… So I decided to do more research and just wait till I got all the dirt on him. I want threw this phone and he’s been seeing her and had sex with her as well a lot.

I am not able to find job due to the economic conditions

Although running the house is a job in itself and my wife assures me she is proud of me, i get these thoughts that i am doing something wrong n im looked at being not manly etc. i hav a degree frm pak but in this economic environment i will never get a job which will pay our mortgage.

My husband doesn’t love me and says he should have married someone else

My husband was engaged at the time of our marriage. Now he says that that woman was in fact his true love, and that he should have married her. He said to me, “It was my biggest mistake to marry you.”

Is it right for me to dream about love for another guy in jannah?

I´m in need of advice I got married at a young age because I felt that was the only way I could find inner peace but later I found out my hubby is not who I thought he will be I just wanted a prince….

I don’t feel anything for him anymore

This was an arraganged marriage. At the beginning, everthing was ok till I noticed a couple of things like he was hiding something from me ….

My husband loves his phone more than me

Me and my husband never had the chance to get to know each other, or develop any feelings for each other. The time that we spent together he seemed more interested in his phone than me and never said anything anything sweet or to make me feel special. On the first night he forced me and seemed very eager not at all shy.