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Should I change my job?

Finding a job can be difficult in this job market. Here are some tips.

How to find a job?


I am a resident of u.p ,india and I want to change my job. I want to know whether it would be good for me or not.


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  1. Umm what is your job brother? We are not people who can see into your future or advice you about anything that we don't know.

    Make lots of dua, and pray iistikhara after you make a decision, and Allah can help you decide.

    • I just realized u said u.p. India.....what is that? Is that related to your job?

      • U.P is short for Uttar Pradesh which is the name of a state in India. He just wants to inform us that he lives in Uttar Pradesh.

        But I'm really suprised at the way that brother is asking this type of questions. There are so many Muslims with a lack of basic Islamic knowledge.

        May Allah guide us all.

  2. Really you ask this kind of question .why dont you see a fortune teller?Brother what ever comes in your heart in life make mashurrah then do istkara and ask Allah.Look the prophet Muhammad said whenever you doubt something walk away from it. Write down on paper the advantages or disadvantages but most important ask Allah if this job will benifit me and protect my Iman because you can have all the wealth of the world but never have happiness so dont be fooled by high expectations! And most of all dont miss salah and jumah or you are wasting your time and life.

  3. Make isttikhara that is the best thing and one of the greatest thing you could do for a decision, and it will be blessed inshallah. May Allah make it easy Ameen

  4. I recommend looking at the potential to do good. If you think you're doing a lot of good at your current job then stay. If you think you can do more good and meet your commitments in the new job move to that one.

  5. Walaikum As Salam

    What kind of question is this ? Really surprising. Uttar Pradesh has one politician in every household. Do you plan to become one too or you already are one ?

    What is your present Job ? You want to change job how would someone really know except ALLAH (swt) of whether it is going to be Good or bad for you. ALLAHs blessings would be there but only if you do Hardwork. Then be it any decent job.

    What exactly are you trying to ask about it on an ISLAMIC WEBSITE ? Kindly ELABORATE.


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