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Regarding Inheritance of Property

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There's been some sort of confusion and many problems regarding this property inheritance in my family.

So first whats the scenario

There are 2 properties, a flat and a hospital which were in the name of wife who passed away and now the property are in control of husband who is also a very aged.

He has 2 sons and 2 daughters

Both of the sons have passed away, 1 son was married who has 1 daughter.

So there are 2 daughters, 1 Son's daughter.

What will the percentage or ratio of distribution among this? Please help me out.

Its not regarding me but of someone I know.


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  1. We are not qualified to answer these types of questions. You should consult with a scholar or an attorney who is versed in laws of Islamic inheritance.

    Wael Editor

  2. Granddaughter 50%
    Both daughters 25% each.Islam is so simple.Any technical questions go to ASKIMAM.COM a sunni site. There is also on goggle Islamic inheritance calculator.

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