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Saw my father dead again in a dream, what does it mean?

istikhara colourI saw my deceased father died again in a dream. I was reciting astaghfirullah loudly when I woke up.

Can you please tell me the interpretation of the dream according to Islam?

- Shajahan

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  1. It means you had a bad dream and need to go back to sleep. Dreams are inspired by your day and the emotion you go to sleep with. Islamically the dream means nothing. And also be careful the idea of dreams having meaning derives from palm reading and that stuff etc. Which is haram. Just recite Ayatul kurs and Al-Falaq i some surahs before you go to sleep

  2. Shajahan, the dream does not have any cosmic significance. It means whatever it means to you personally. I cannot interpret it for you since you did not tell us the details, like how your father appeared in the dream, what he said, how it made you feel, etc. So you are best qualified to understand it yourself, as you know these things.

    And as brother Ahmed said, recite Ayat al-Kuris and the Quls before bedtime.

    Wael Editor

    • I dream of my late father on a bed in sick and dying in bed and I was crying silently ...I could not see him in pain.

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