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I want to marry a Muslim boy who is 6 years younger than me; is it allowed in Islam?

I am in love with a Muslim boy aged 23. We deeply love each other and I am wishing to convert to ISLAM as soon as possilble.Is there any issue or any problems related to marrying a boy younger than me in ISLAM. Also let me know of other issues, happen through this sort of marriages.

My past is affecting my fiancée

I recently fell in love with a good muslim guy and we are ready to get married. He is approx. 7 years younger than me and is having a hard time dealing with my past. I realize now that I divulged too much info…

He financed his wedding with my money

I met a man who was a potential business partner. He declared that he had feelings for me. When I sent him money for a business deal, he used it to finance his wedding to someone else.

18 year old in love with married,40 year old Muslim teacher

Salmo alyklom

A friend of mine is in love with our teacher and he has feelings for her too , but there are two major problems: he is married and has 3 kids and he is about 40 years old and we are 18.

Marriage to a much older woman who will look after me

This is my first post and I want to counsel with you about my case. I am 28 years old man I was and still looking to propose to a girl who could accept me as I am. AlhamdulilAllah I am not alcoholic, I am really fine inside with all sense, but I have something prevents me to work till now.

Rejected because of age, but want to hold on – need Istikhara


My name is Marukh, and I am a 20 year old female. I need some help with the Istikhara, I am also looking for some answers and I am hoping that my questions will get their answers with a good advice. I have a proposal from a very good perso

Was it right choosing parents over a guy?

I fell in love with a muslim guy from another country. We knew each other for a year, and there was a lot of love between us but no sexual intercouse. Im 18 and he is 30. We really respected each other. But when my parents found out my father put me in such a position that I had to choose either him or the guy.

I’m 26 and he’s 40, what does Islam say about age differences in marriage?

I am 26 and my “soon-to-be” is 40. We are both divorced (we are both good and practising Muslims) and wish to marry soon. I am just wondering if there is a limit on age difference according to Islam. Like, is he too old for me? As I am sure this will be my parents’ biggest issue. My parents are Christians and I would like to have the Islamic ruling on this rather than their Christian ruling.

She is three years older then me and many people think it’s wrong

I’ve known this girl for a few years now and I wish to marry her. But the problem is that many think it’s wrong that she is 3 years older than me. I love her very deeply and I believe she does too, but she’d never betray her family and friends. What i want to know is that is it lawful for a Muslim girl who is 3 years older to marry a Muslim boy?