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I want to marry a Muslim boy who is 6 years younger than me; is it allowed in Islam?

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In the name of Almighty ALLAH. My name is Jeena Johny, 27  years old. I am a non-Muslim woman working in a Ministry Hospital as a Pediatric Nurse in KUWAIT.

I am very much glad to see such a website which I surely get a clear picture of everything which I want to do it in my future.

I am in love with a Muslim boy aged 23. We deeply love each other and I am wishing to convert to ISLAM as soon as possilble. Is there any issue or any problems related to marrying a boy younger than me in ISLAM?

Also let me know of other issues, happen through this sort of marriages. Can you please tell whether I need to change my name when I become a Muslim?  Please get me a solution as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Jeena Johny

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  1. Bismillah!! In the Name of ALLAH (swt)

    Hello Jeena.

    I'm glad to hear that you have found a potential partner for
    In the religion of ISLAM, marriage is HIGHLY, HIGHLY
    emphasized and advocated.
    The younger you get married the better.
    But I hope your not only converting to Islam
    to marry this boy. I hope that you have studied
    Islam. The philosophy of the religion.
    The concept of belief in ONE GOD.
    That ALLAH (swt) (which means One God in Arabic)
    ALLAH (swt) created man, animals and all
    the planets and galaxies.

    All the plants, and anything that
    has life down to the smallest atom
    was created by ALLAH (swt).
    And you HAVE TO believe that ALLAH (swt)
    alone is the creator.
    And believe in ALL HIS prophets and messengers.
    His last Prophet being Muhammad (SAAW).
    FIRST you have to believe all of the above.
    Then you must accept the responsibility of
    being a Muslim.

    Such as the five daily prayers, giving alms & charity,
    fasting once a year and performing pilgrimage.
    My dear sister if you have fulfilled all these conditions
    and truly believe in the religion of Islam then I
    In Islam age HAS NOTHING to do with
    the person you wish to marry.
    PROVIDED that the person is baligh (mature)
    and of proper marriage age.
    You DON'T have to change your name.
    All you must do is do Nikkah, which is the
    Islamic religious marriage ceremony.
    Once you and your future spouse have
    done Nikkah you are both Islamically husband
    and wife and can have intimate relations.

    But remember that you have rights upon
    Your rights are that your husband will
    love you, protect you,
    Support you financially.
    Meaning you don't have to work if you
    don't want to.
    And he must never commit adultery.
    Love and mercy must be the foundation of
    your marriage.
    His rights upon you are that
    LEAVE the house without
    his permission.

    You must NEVER EVER deny him
    sexually. If a woman denies her husband
    sexual relations WITHOUT a valid reason
    she is committing a grave sin.
    LIkewise you MUST NEVER
    commit adultery.
    So sister if you can provide your husband
    with all of the above
    then get married and start
    a beautiful life in this world
    and the next!
    Once you get married you
    complete half your faith.

    But just remember all the conditions I
    have listed.
    DO NOT fall into temptation.
    DO NOT meet him alone until
    you are married.
    Make sure you both want the same
    things in life and that you agree to
    I hope this post assists you
    my sister.

    May ALLAH (swt) bless you
    and I hope you become Muslim
    for the right reasons Inshallah. =)
    Have a blessed Jumah (Friday).

    Salaam Alaikum (peace be unto you)


    • Hi am 30 years old I love one guy who 6 years younger than me we loves each other , but he thinking that am just 3 years younger than him , if he know after marriage that am 6 years elder than him wat kind of problems I suppose to face can anyone give me a parmanant solution for me and we are hindus

      • priya, you should tell him the truth now. You cannot build a marriage on a foundation of lies. He might not mind that you are 6 years older, but he will mind being lied to. Be honest and hope for the best.

        Wael Editor

  2. There is no problem in marrying a boy who is younger than you

    The prophet muhammad may the peace and blessings be upon him , when he married his first wife kadija she was 40 years old and he was 26

  3. Salaam dear Jeena Johny sister,

    First of all I would like to say that you should thank Allah (swt) for guiding you to His path and secondly there is totally no problem whatsoever to marry someone who is much younger than you- just ensure you both have similar aims/goals in life.



    dear sis Jeena, please read this chapter to know who can a Muslim person can marry.

    Name is important also as we do trust your name should have some good meaning.

  5. asalamucalaykum waraxmatulahi walbarakatuhu I am a girl my maryama i am 23 year old i am not still marraige, i need marraige as soon as possible, plaese pray Allah ,

  6. salam and hello Jeena,
    Islam is a beautiful religion Alhamdulillah:) u should know that our Beloved Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him Married his first wife bibi Khadeeja who was 22 or 24 years older than him. Our Prophet did not do a single thing in his life which was against Allah's will. so yes that tells us that in Islam you can marry a male younger than you:))) GOOD LUCK. may Allah be with you...Ameen.

  7. to read this i become very happy that u r converting to islam . welcom welcom and most welcom , i m too a nurse . and wish u to be happy with him for all life

  8. There is no problem to marry a younger man than you. It is allowed in Islam. Be a Muslim and get married, inshallah there will be no problem at all. Allah will help you.

  9. I need u plz contact me on my cell num [Number removed].

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  10. Age or wealth should never be the reason behind any marriage in islam.According to the teachings of Islam Character is always preferable.

  11. nice thing may allah help you,,and my name is rem and am 30 yrs old and I wan to marry also a man younger than me and he is 25 is that permissible?

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