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Husband wants sex ALL the time

My husband wants sex in the morning before waking up, at night before we sleep and in between during the day now that I’m working from home. It’s ridiculous.

My husband use this frequently “myri taraf say tum farig ho”

my husband use this sentence frequently: “myri taraf say tum farig ho” – whenever he is in bad mood or when we fight on any topic.

In-law problems

Though I love my husband I somehow regret marrying into such a family…

My husband is unhappy and full of anger

I am scared for our future and for his mental health.

My husband wants to leave me, why?

We got married 2 years ago and everything has been good for the past 2 years since we got married. we had our small disagreements but nothing serious until last night.

Whenever we have an argument he talks about leaving me

Within 8 months of marriage he has said it more than 20 times that he will leave me.

Married a year and half

Our marriage at this point is a disaster.

My husband has anger problems – what should I do?

Should I leave him now? Even when he gets mad at my daughter he hits her really badly… She isn’t even seven years old yet… But when he looses his anger there seems nothing but Allah who can stop the rage.

Verbal abuse from my husband

It is as if he cannot help himself from complaining, swearing and talking rubbish about me. I try my best to please him but it never works as he takes no notice.

I regret that I did an abortion?

My husband was very happy and told me to let the baby come… I did a big mistake of aborting. He is just so angry with me, that he says he regrets to have a wife like me.