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Need immediate help on marriage

But now I feel like I should go back to her .. I don’t understand why I am hopping like this. But I feel I will never get a girl like this in life, she is perfect for me.

What is the best for me to do?

My heart automatically falls for her again and again.

False Hopes Over Lost Love

Can I keep moving on even though he owns my heart?

We met on social media and fell in love

Now she is saying after 5 years that she doesn’t feel the same…

Break up

I want to move on, I want to forget all his memories. Please help me.

He keeps trying to come back

I didn’t want this haram relationship anymore so I broke it off… He has tracked me down on Facebook.

Premarital relationships

When we were together we used to talk about intimate things and other things. But after the break up he only talked to me about sex and I felt so disrespected and guilty.

Stuck between love and a prisoner of a horrible phobia…..

I’ll never be able to love again…

Having Haram relationship before marriage

How will Allah forgive me? How should I repent?

Advice needed on moving on from heartbreak

My boyfriend has been diagnosed cancer which has spread… He tells me he has been engaged to his cousin (also with cancer) since he was 10… Two days after the break-up I see him be affectionate to her on Instagram.