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I met a Western Muslimah whose past is bothering me

Eventually, I came to find out about her past. She had a boyfriend in high school who used her and left. I did not say anything to her about it.

Feeling guilty and depressed

When I was 6 years old my servant tried to sexually molest me… then my cousin started… Then when I was 13 I asked my servant to kiss me…

She lied to me about being a virgin

I question why she lied to me in the first place? I repeatedly told her how I hate Zina and my intentions to marry a chaste woman.

Has my past ruined my future?

I love him a lot and was wrong in cheating him… He says he can’t respect me anymore nor can he betray his family by giving them a girl who is not chaste.

Can I repent for this? Can I marry another person in the future?

I realized that we committed sins and asked him to marry me as soon as possible. He refused & told me “I was testing you that how much pure you are”. Now he says it was one sided love. and that his parents set a girl for him to marry.

An affair turned to living hell…

He was ignoring me, I ignored him too till I realized my virginity problem which he caused… I’m sure he was fooling me from the beginning.. I don’t know what to do ..

Giving up hope of marriage because real Muslimahs don’t exist.

I feel like killing myself when I even think of the possibility that other men would have seen my wife naked or touched her inappropriately, let alone zina. I will feel like a fool and cuckold my entire life. Therefore, I am thinking of having a girlfriend myself now because that would give me the peace that I have never had in my life, but fear of Allah keeps me from doing that.

How can I get over my upset that he is not a virgin?

I’ve been with this guy for almost 7 months now. We are very in love, I care about him immensely. And we are even planning marriage soon. To me he is perfect. There is nothing wrong with him the only problem I have with him is his past. When I first met him he did tell me that he was not a virgin, at that time it did not really bother me because it was a long time ago and he was studying his deen and practicing Islam now so I figured that’s just his past and he’s changed now.

Should I marry her now I know that she has not saved herself for marriage?

Now I found out that she is not a virgin and she admitted that she had committed adultery when she was in high school (she is 23 now). Now I am really confused about what to do.

Should I marry her now I know she is not a virgin?

It was brought to my knowledge that my fiancee is not a virgin. It is hard for me to accept this and I have wanted to ask someone about it.