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How can I convince my Hindu mother to accept Islam?

I don’t want to argue with her but that’s what happens when I tell her that I’m a Muslim and she should be too. I tried reasoning with her so many times but she just wouldn’t listen to reason or logic. She doesn’t even let me pray Namaz or fast. I have to do them in secret.

I am not able to forgive myself for my behavior…

What I did and said is killing me so much for doing this to my mother, under whose feet is jannah and who Allah has commanded to be kind to.

I like a man, how to guide him to Islam?

I want to talk to him about Islam, and guide him. However, I do not know how to do it. I have a feeling that he might be the right guy for me. The only thing that should change about him is religion.

Praying for someone to became a Muslim

I would like to know the dua for praying to someone to become a muslim please.

I broke up, but I still feel responsible for teaching her about Islam

Some friends told me to cut the contact with her but I am still thinking about it. I’m the only Muslim person she knows, I’m the only religious influence she has. I can’t just let her alone like nothing happened, right?

How should I deal with selfish, jealous and interfering people? And any du’a for releasing debts?

When she had a first baby (with my brother) and second i went there bearing gifts and i use to go all out balloons, gifts and i mean expensive but yet when they first found out that i was pregnant the first thing she said was “is she going for an internal check up” who says that!

Do we have to interpret Quran according to today’s stituation?

Quran is surely a book of guidance for all of us but when we go towards the tafseer to find the solution of any present situtaion, we find it difficult to understand because those are old tafaseer… do the islamic scholars need to organize a latest tafseer to make the Quran more understandable for todays’s generation?

I am trying to give my wife Dawah to Islam

AlhamduLlilah, I have recently been giving Dawah to my wife in Islam. Insha’Allah we will both be united as Muslims. When we got married, we were both practicing Catholicism and regularly attended a Catholic church.

How can I bring this woman to Islam to save her in hereafter and marry her?

I don’t know how to take this matter to my parents given the odds of we come from different religion, age and ethnic background (religion would not be an issue as I want her to follow ISLAM). Can any one advice please?

Call on Muslims for da’wah

missionaries use their own currency to build their religion to every part of the world. but to day in our muslems we dont have any riches person who will take this responsibility for da’wah.