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He fell in love with the fake me!

After a few months I realized that he was getting attached to me. I was scared because I was fake. I was really in love with him, so I thought if he is gonna get attached to the fake me, how is he gonna love the real me? So I started fights with him for no reason, and then I broke up with him and told him that I never loved him.

Deception has shaken our marriage – what should I do?

Recently he told me that he has a daughter looking for him. His whole family knew and kept it secret from me for years. I feel absolutely betrayed and heart broken.

Confused and doubting…need help!!!

I’m 13. I started doing research on Islam but over the course of my research, some things have really got to me.

Khula due to husband hiding facts about himself

I under very distressing condition have taken khula from my husband as he hid his medical condition right from the start of the alliance.

Confused – does this invalidate our nikah?

My husband has been cheating on me with men and women. Lately I found out that I am his second wife.

She broke off our engagement – now her family are going after my reputation

So after breaking my heart they went after my reputation… what does Islam say about such deception and after breaking my heart trying to discredit me?

Jilted and deceived by a marriage prospect

He did not inform me that he was in touch with a previous lover of his during our engagement. He denied his contact with her during our marriage talks. 4.5 months after ending the engagement, I came to realize he is marrying her now. Also, he misled us both.

She says she loves another man, but comforts my sorrow

She says all this bad stuff but the moment I showed my depression -like how what she said made me angry and made me cry- when she saw this she hugged me and said she loved me. I don’t understand what is going through her head.

She slept with him and broke my heart

I was trying to get back normal with her, but then that guy contacted me telling me that she had been with him for 2 months and they had sexual relations many times. I was so shocked. when I asked her about this, she cried a lot and admitted it.

He will get engaged to her but he won’t leave me.

good day, I met this Pakistani guy thru the internet. He is a muslim a lawyer. His parents lives in Germany and he was assigned here in UAE. When we met, he told me he had a muslim girlfriend for 9 years. He thought she was the right girl, but all that changed when the parents of that girl […]