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Father rejects my choice for marriage

I want to marry with my mother’s elder sister’s daughter. But father rejected because she belong to poor family and belong to maternal family.

Breaking it to my parents…

I pray every night for them not to ship me away or hurt me or do something horrible. I don’t want to break my family apart, but I wish and pray they accept him and look past his color.

I am a post-op transsexual marrying a Muslim, will I be accepted?

I was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and transitioned. Will this marriage work? Will I be accepted as female?

Have you ever been discriminated against at the airport?

These type of insults and racial profiling has happened to me every time i try flying in the US.

We don’t know how to deal with our cruel father

I sometimes get confused that how to deal him… with love he gets so cruel over us and with harshness he becomes even more revengeful.

My boyfriend is another caste so my family won’t let me marry him

Even though he’s a really decent person from a decent family, my family will say no. He’s not my caste. My family at any cost will not marry me to anyone outside of our caste.

He has left me because I don’t speak the language his mother understands

I know he will not change his decision and that she is the one he wants and no matter how much I beg him and want to be with him he will not be with me because he wants someone who can speak to his mother in his native language. This hurt me because I have been trying my best to learn his language but it can not happen over night.

Marriage without Parents consent is allowed?

I would like to marry a girl from different country. Inspite of both of us being good Muslims, her parents reject the idea of marriage from someone outside their community. Now she is stuck with her parents as she wont agree for a forced marriage and her parents wont marry her to me. Her age is 30 now and her parents would just not change their minds.

Is this not a sin? Are her parents being ‘Good parents’ thinking of her betterment and her good future or are they just being egoistic and stubborn?

My parents will not consent to us marrying because they say she is poor

I am a sunni muslim who is deeply in love with a chaste and pious muslim woman. I am established person. My parents aren’t agreeing to marry me with her as they say that those people are poor and they didn’t respect us by giving best foods when we went to there home. Also that they won’t be able to give Jahez and they won’t be able to support to financially.

I am confused, made a mess with my life

I recently turned to Islam and I realised how much sin I have commited in my life. I am ashamed to the point that I don’t know how to repent. I really hate myself and I really want to change my life around.