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Does Islam permit working in real estate company that takes loans on interest?

Please give me clear and authenticated views on which bases I can take decision.

Questions About Medical Fields and Improvements in My Life

Since I have adrenal fatigue and mental health issues, working nights and being on call would be very stressful for me, but there is a deep desire for me to be in the medical field.

Should I change my job?

I want to know whether changing my job would be good for me or not.

Alone and don’t know what to do

I know the purpose of life is to worship Allah SWT, and I do my prayers. But i dont know where is my rizq, where i should live, how and what should i do.

Concerns About Healthcare Fields for Muslim Women

I have always wanted to work in healthcare. However, I have concerns and would like to know if there are any muslim sisters who have dealt with those issues and how they have got around it.

Depressed and needing guidance about work

Every job I look at violates some Islamic principle such as dealing with interest or working in court system. How do people find halal work in America?

Worried about work issues

I keep feeling awful, but I also started feeling that he lies to me about the job situation, as he knows I cant just go and verify it.

Difficulty in getting job

Please help me with a proper dua for me to get this job as soon as possible.

I love my husband but he wont find a job and I’m having trouble conceiving

I am a 29 year old Muslim sister facing difficulties in my marriage life. I really love and care for my husband and I am always trying to make him happy but a lot of times I feel that he isn’t trying hard enough to make me happy. First of all, I know that marriage is a commitment between husband and wife, where each person listens and respects each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Being shariah compliant in a western work place


Working in a western environment can be challenging for a practising Muslim, as well as testing. Alhamdulilah I enjoy where I work, and although all my work colleagues are non-muslims they are considerate and understanding to my religious needs.