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Leaving a girl for Allah

I don’t have any options and my friend is saying me to marry her and I don’t want to marry her.

Please Help me!

I feel shame on doing wrong acts… I don’t know what to do.

Should I go with istikhara or my feelings?

Every time the same answer comes but I am not satisfied with it.

I let him touch me because I love him

I’m 16 years old and for a year I was in haram relationship. I feel so disgusted with myself…

Married but ex keeps contacting me

He is someone I really respect… but I am scared that if I hadn’t cut him off it might ruin things with my husband.

I’m 14 and in love with my cousin forever help me

I feel disgusted with myself for liking my own blood relative but at the same time I can’t help it.

Wife and mother issue..

The problem is my wife and my mom don’t get along. I wish I could reunite their feelings.


Is this truly haraam even though I’ve never had sexual relations, nor wanted to have sexual relations with a girl?

I really like this man… I’m only 13?

I truly do love him, but lately, he’s been touching me a little.

Marriage Sunnah or Fard?

I think I don’t want to get married. Will I be sinning if I remain unmarried?