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Forced Nikkah. In love with someone else

I need to find a way out of this or I am scared I will kill myself.

Regret getting nikkah done

I feel so suffocated. If suicide wasn’t haram i would have ended my life a long time ago.

Forced marriage

Is my nikkah valid? I still hate that guy and haven’t yet allowed him to touch me. If I want separation from him do I need talaq or khula?

Is this nikah valid?

My friend signed nikah contract unwillingly. Her family tricked her into this marriage.

The woman I love is being forced into another marriage

She and her family ended up going to Pakistan under the cover it was a “vacation”, it mutated into a forced marriage trap that has caused stress and depression for everyone.

Can they re-do their nikah in secret?

He had a proper nikkah but it was forced upon her by her family. Now after 1 year they have a doubt that probably Allah didn’t accept their nikkah.

Is my nikah still valid?

My husband took me abroad and forced me to read nikah to his brother so I could bring him over.

He forced me into nikah… Now my parents want me to marry someone else…

This man said he will help me but for that I have to do nikah with him. I said I can’t do this you are like my father but I was helpless so I did…

My parents are forcing me to stay in a forced marriage

My parents emotionally forced me to marry my cousin. My nikkah was done on skype. Now my parents are emotionally forcing me to suck it up & continue otherwise my own parents will divorce each other.

I was forced into marriage, I wasn’t even aware of it

My parents did the Nikah without telling me. I wasn’t aware that I am getting my Nikah done. And every time I tell my parents that I am not marrying him, they always say but you already did the Nikah.