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Is this nikah valid?

Forced marriage

Aslam walaikum

I want as a friend of mine signed nikah contract unwillingly
She wasn't informed about this nor was asked if she agreed with this proposal
Her mother just said that today there will be some guest coming i will be needing your help with kitchen work and later on that night her family called her and said that we decided your marriage with this person so sign this contarct the girl got confused because her and that family were all gathered and she couldn't even say no because she was scared of her family and signed in confusion and next day realized that she did mistake and her family tricked her into this marriage.

I want to know that is this nikah valid
If its not than what should that girl do
If its not valid than if she marries him will she be doing haram in some way


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  1. If she doesn't want to marry him she should tell her parents now. If they don't agree and are forcing her she can try telling someone in her extended family to bring it up for her and or the boy and his family. If they choose to disregard it she can refuse to show up at the wedding. If they force her to get married she can divorce him right after the marriage.

    She's as trapped as she thinks she is.

  2. Walaikum As Salam !

    She was told about the nikaahnama be it in hurry but she was told so i dont think its invalid because she signed it. Just by the fear of her family and the boys family she signed it is not a reason suffice to be called it as INVALID.

    Morover, she signed it and immediately next day she realized that she was not ready for all this. Well at that time wasnt she afraid of her family or of what the boys family will say on her gesture if in case she calling it as invalid ?

    Now what she should do about that i cannot say anything. Because for that i need to know why she doesnt wants this marriage ?

    Wa Salam

    • Because she like someone else boy is very good but the issue is he is from other caste

      • Then before the Walima & Rukhsati happens she should tell about all this i mean about her liking for some other guy to her family.

        Other caste as in ? Religion remains same isnt it ? I hope he is a MUSLIM.

        But even though all that happens, islamically she will have to go through procedure of a divorce since she has signed the nikaahnama depending on the Country ( & the laws prevailed there along with Shariah ) . So before it gets late ask her to speak to her family openheartedly.

        She should have told that before rather undergoing all these mishaps. Now since the families are involved her signing of Nikaahnama it has become a bit complicated. Yet there is time. She should confess all this to her family as soon as possible.

        Hope they agree about the boy she likes ( Provided he is a Muslim ) .

        I wish her all the best through you brother.

        Stay Blessed

        Wa Salam !

  3. Bahisti zewar or heavenly ornaments. ..a book of laws and rules for all conditions for muslims...You can get app also or Google it...the questions should be addressed to a scholor or mufti.

  4. Her parents even did not tell her about the boy or ask her opinion about this marriage. Forced marriages are common in some cultures.

    Is OP friends with this girl and interested in marrying her?

  5. I thought forced marriages are invalid/haram if the person didn't want it in their heart and does not want to marry that person. Confirm this with someone more knowledgeable but there are many videos on YouTube about it that are available too.

  6. Yes because of witness and her aacknowledging that she agreed....but don't worry she can give divorce on her own....she has rights.......You see the correct way of getting married is that the local imam should conduct the ceramony and the man would offer the price of dowry etc.....with witness ....Today a lot muslims are so weak and they fill that whatever they do is the right way. The lack guidance from the ulema and true knowledge..

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