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I hate my family

They make fun of me every day. I can’t take it anymore.

The hijab makes me hate being Muslim

I feel like because of the hijab I just dislike Islam, I hate being Muslim, I just feel terrible all the time.


I have to live with the person I hate the most (my sister) under the same roof, where she gets to have things her way. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

Respecting Parents

I want to listen to my mum but I just don’t know what to do, I need help.

I can’t give him a little space in my heart…

I don’t like him. Very first night I avoided him and after 2 years of marriage we have not made any type of relation.

I hate my life so much

I really hate my family. I blame them for my depression, loneliness and embarrassment. I can’t do anything with my life. I feel like killing myself.

My father is violent and won’t find me a marriage

He said to me “I will kill you today”. Then he was throwing things on me including hammer and screwdriver and then I also attacked him, hit him, and tear his shirt.

Wishing death for my abusive father

I just wish my dad was gone… That way we wouldn’t have to suffer…

My husband lost his trust and hate me because of my face

He asked me to promise him to stop having red marks on my face. He made me promise. Now when he sees red marks on my face he hates me with silence and no love because I broke his promise.

Are members of the opposite sex supposed to reconcile each other?

I loved someone who I hate now. There are many reasons to hate her. We both are muslims, however that someone turned out be a full fake. We met, we spent time together and never did anything haraam but that someone used to do haraam with others behind my back.