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Are my reasons valid when asking for a Fasakh of nikkah?

He refuses to give me a divorce.The Muslim court also refuses to unless I give him another 3 month chance.

I am divorced and want to marry

I feel inclined to my friend or you think its too early to get into another relationship?

How do I explain this to my son?

My husband was abusive… By asking for a khula I know I made my son an orphan but I had no choice…

My life is in turmoil due to a messy divorce

I have left my abusive husband… please I request for everyone to do due for me at such a difficult time.

Khula before rukhsati?

I don’t think he is the right person for me. If I ask for khula, is iddah necessary or not?

My wife demands khula and has a bad past

She asked me for khula. I tried my level best to save my marriage, tried every possible way… But she did not change her decision…

Need help to take decision for khula

He has been cruel both physically, emotionally, verbally… I cannot live a life where I hate my husband.

Two talaqs and a khula – can we reconcile?

In this situation i can do nikkah with the same person 3rd time or is it possible after halalah?

In Polygamy, pregnant, and abandoned

Am I wrong to seek a khula in this situation? He has acknowledged his wrong in all of this, yet has made no effort to rectify the situation. Our needs go unmet, since our family is out of sight/out of mind.

Khula due to husband hiding facts about himself

I under very distressing condition have taken khula from my husband as he hid his medical condition right from the start of the alliance.