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Child custody after khulah?

Who will get the child after khula?

If I ask my husband to separate 3 times is it khula?

If I ask my husband to separate 3 times is it considered khula? I actually don’t want to divorce him anymore. This happened about 4 years ago and we would like to reconcile.

Is her khula valid?

Her husband says it is not a valid divorce by Islamic laws.

Divorced with 3 kids and remarried without telling my family

Is the marriage valid?

Khula from the first marriage and getting second marriage

He refuses to divorce me. I want to marry another man. How do I send him a khula?

My sister in law is in a difficult situation

How should we approach this issue. The problem is the “Trust” factor nobody is really sure what to do.

My husband Resents me

He cursed my family and myself and my lineage and told me I was cursed by Allah… I want khula but he laughed and said he will destroy my life first.

Divorce and pregnant

Please tell me can I go and try to take divorce from him… He is not suitable husband.

Nikkah fasakh

I had a qazi who done my nikkah fasakh. I have heard that nikkah fasakh doesn’t have iddah?

Can I do istekhara to marry someone after my khula and iddat while I am in a process of taking khula?

Is it permissible?