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Khula from the first marriage and getting second marriage

As salaam waleikum, I am a woman staying alone and seperate from my husband for the past 4 years though we are officially not divorced as he refuses to divorce me. But I have no physical contacts or any financial dependency with my husband. Am I still in his nikah?? Now I want to marry another man, do I need an official divorce from my first husband ?? How can I send him a khula ?? Please guide and help.
جزا كالله خيرا


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  1. You can submit a divorce based on the fact that the two of you have been separate for four years and he has refused to provide for you. Based on that you have no obligation to return any mahr to him. If you know how to reach your present husband, I would suggest you submit a written document of your wish to divorce him. You should consider having an attorney or legal services company handle to eliminate any questions when and if you remarry. Forward any documents to him via FedEx, registered mail, etc. and retain a copy. Your document should be extremely specific and clear, stating you have not had any contact with him for four years or had any spousal support. Based on this, your divorce might even be considered immediate.

  2. Sent him legal divorce papers.

  3. i have given to my husband now we want to remarry again kindly send what is the procedure in nowadays

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